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The Gift of Peace! 

December 04, 2017
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all art lovers!
This season I am offering HUGE discounts on my art inventory here at my home studio, so if you ever wanted one of my paintings for a gift or for your home please contact me directly at hit2348@gmail.com
I will be moving in early spring, whereabouts unknown for now, but the one thing I know for sure is that I will be making art, wherever I am!
Wishing you all the best for the coming year!

Fall and back to the easel! 

October 05, 2017
I may take a departure from Hawaiian scenes in the next month or so, having loads of reference photos from my trip west.The skies were brilliant blue and the cliffs and formations of the islands were remarkable, and of course that's just what an artist needs to spark the creative juices!
I am at home in Kauai, ready to resume teaching, if any travelers would like to take a lesson "en plein air"and also available for home studio visits! Feel free to contact me through this website!

Out to Sea 

August 27, 2017
I will be vacationing for the month of September in California, hopefully doing a little plein air painting while enjoying a change of scenery.My shop will be closed until I return, but you can contact me through my site or check my facebook page for field work!
I will keep you posted with competition updates!!

The Heart of Summer 

June 28, 2017
This year I will be home for summer, here on Kauai, and looking forward to long days in the studio, or just reading in the shade! I have plans for paintings and am currently planning my next move,hopefully where I can do both things I love, playing music and painting. I adore my patrons who support and keep me inspired to push my artistic limits. Thank you for being an art lover!!

Summer Fun 

June 16, 2017
Just in case any of you tried to contact me through my site June 6 through June 14, my server was down and I lost all my mail! I'm back and have a back up email now, so please don't hesitate to contact me again.
I've been doing a lot of island exploring and gathering reference material for big oil paintings and medium sized pastels,I can make any custom size painting for commissions!!
It's summer, relax and enjoy!!

Prepare for Heat! 

April 27, 2017
With the approach of Kauai's summer hurricane season and higher temperatures, I look forward to a mainland trip in the Fall, but meanwhile, there are paintings to paint and island adventures to be had!! I am always gathering reference material for projects, whether I have shows and competitions or not! A weekend trip to the mountains is coming up and also a trip down the Na Pali, so you know I will be doing some more Pali paintings!
As always I look forward to meeting new students in pastel and oil lessons and keeping you updated with instagram photos of plein air adventures.
Get out the electric fans and the ice tea!!

Getting Bolder 

February 16, 2017
Look what's new on my website! I now have an abstract category, something I have been thinking about for awhile now. Over the years,I have done about a dozen free pastels, that allow me to make marks and use color with no boundaries, and until now was hesitant to share them. My pastels are available for giclee prints, but otherwise unframed. Stand by for more as I prepare them for viewing!!The hardest part is photographing them!!

Winter is Work Time!! 

January 14, 2017
Even though our Hawaiian weather is beautiful, this is my best time to produce some studio paintings. I have been working on several series- waves in motion, and fog in trees!! Yes, I am full of visual ideas this year, 2017!!
The need to paint large is coming on too, so I have a few big oils I will be working on, as well as my bigger pastels...I have the materials so why not get to it!
If you are visiting, please contact me for a studio visit, I love to share my vision. You can also take an oil or pastel "en plein air" or a studio lesson.
Life is short so while we have the time and health, let's fill it with color and laughter!

Heading into 2017!! 

December 06, 2016
What a year!! Lots of traveling and painting, both in the field and the studio! I am truly blessed with friends and family and my clients , who keep me from being buried alive in art!
I am hoping to stay on Kauai and paint because this is my island muse, but I am also open to new adventures. Recently, I started up my newsletter again, and I promise to make it a habit, sending out a sampling of studio works that are fresh off the easel.
Here's to a year of art and beauty, love and kindness!

I'm Back!!! 

October 03, 2016
What an awesome summer and fall I've had traveling coast to coast!! I can't wait to start posting the new works I'll be starting on, although I am getting ahead of myself here. Part of being a landscape painter is gathering material for new studio work, and I have quite a few ideas for oils and pastels!! New York dunes in mellow afternoon light,outrageous Oregon rocky coastlines and haunting Channel Island sunsets....Please contact me if you have a special request for a Christmas present, so I can set time aside for priority painting!!
Meanwhile, I'm back to teaching, and everything I love on Kauai!!!!

Travels and Art 

August 03, 2016
Writing from the Lee Star on the west coast!! Missing my tropical island but not the humidity and hurricanes this summer. I am having fun reuniting with family and friends, and getting some different land and seascapes to enjoy and occasionally paint. I will be back on island in October for Art Kauai, our island juried show, and to teach plein air in pastel.I will have lots of reference material from my Channel Islands trips, and from my Oregon coast plein air trip, so don't be surprised to see some non Kauaian paintings come fall!!
Have a wonderful summer! Write me anytime!

Summer is Here!!! 

June 20, 2016
Here it is, at least for the folks on the continent, but it's always partly here for those of us in Hawaii! I will be on the continent for eight whole weeks of painting, and family and exploring and renewing friendships...can't wait!!!
I will be shutting down my printing operations while I'm away, and also not teaching until October, but you can contact me through my website anytime!!! My leaving date is July 26, so contact me before that if you would like a print or an original painting!!!
Enjoy the sun!!!

Where in the World? 

March 18, 2016
There is so much chaos and confusion going on these days in the world, and of course, I couldn't escape it forever on my round green island. I will be leaving my beloved studio this summer, and will be on the mainland, hopefully painting at various locations!! That means I will be storing my paintings, and not doing lessons for the summer months. I hope to be back by October. If there is a painting you would like, please contact me before June so I can get it to you, before they are packed away!!

Moving Forward! 

January 12, 2016
I am so looking forward to the future, new works, friends, opportunities!! Keeping this mindset takes practice, constantly pulling away from the tried and true, the comfortable, the known.
I have some beautiful new oils to upload soon, my "Aquaria" series, and can't wait to tackle some new pastels!! There will be my life drawing class and still life club and of course my one on one lessons, but my own work will be the new years' challenge!!Here's to my patrons and students, who make my life wonderful as an artist!!!

Be the Light! 

December 09, 2015
Merry Christmas to all and a Mele Kalikimaka too!
I have been busy shipping prints and original paintings around the country, so I know it's the season of giving beauty and warm memories of good times and places!Throw in some Holiday jazz concerts with ELJ, my duet, and a few fundraisers, and you have the month of December! My sons come to spend a warm Christmas and I can't wait to spoil them rotten with baked goodies and italian feasts, in between sunny beach walks and hikes in the woods.I just want to say to you readers, be the light of joy and goodness wherever you are, despite the troubles of this world!Christmas is love, and giving without looking for a return!

We Give Thanks!!! 

November 20, 2015
Here on Kauai, we are giving thanks for not being hit by any of the ten hurricanes this season! They buzzed by us on either side by we were spared! We also love our island life, and the beauty of the tropics and that is why I paint this landscape, as often as I can!
I have been busy teaching both private and group lessons, meeting new artist friends and growing in different directions.I have been doing a still life group at my home, and hosting a life drawing class at our Kauai Society of Artists at our exhibition space in Lihue, lots of fun and quite a challenge to get outside your comfortable place and paint from life with objects or figures!
Print sales are up as the season of giving is upon us, so don't hesitate to contact me for a quote or recommendations!
Blurb, the company I use to make my art books, are offering free shipping within the continental U.S.,they make a beautiful remembrance of Kauai..use the code "FREESHIP2015
Have a wonderful Holiday with family and friends, and thank you for being part of my art journey!

Hard Work Pays Off! 

September 19, 2015
This year I decided to skip the jury shows off-island in favor of my local art society, which is becoming more and more sought after by collectors and art lovers who travel to Hawaii.
Art Kauai is our only show juried by an accomplished artist and curator and visited by the State Foundation on Art and Culture, which procures work for it's Art in Public Places program.Normally I am happy to be juried into the show with one or two pieces, but this year I was lucky enough to get two pastels and one oil in. I received the Board of Directors award for my oil "Kauaian Waters" and the State Foundation gave me a purchase award for my pastel "Sandy Path".
A wonderful finish to my competition season!!!


August 20, 2015
Just because I haven't posted, doesn't mean I haven't been painting!! Actually I've been very prolific this summer. Since I've been home from the mainland,I've had canvas and paper on the easel everyday...well nearly.
My trip was a blast, I was able to plein air paint on both coasts and took home some interesting photographs to work on over the winter.I melted a computer and am now catching up with posting , so look every now and then for new works!!
p.s. The hard cover book "Aloha Expressionism" is finally here! I will post a link in the future!

Travel Time! 

June 18, 2015
I am headed for the mainland for a three week, family vacation on June 20, so if you write me and I don't get back to you, I'm out of WIFI reach!! Planning on painting on my oil thumbox, maybe a few pastels, but mostly catch up with my distant loved ones I've been missing!! I'll be back July 15,ready for playing at the Hukilau Lanai, and pastel lessons and even a wedding!!
Enjoy the summer!!

Featured artist!!! 

June 03, 2015
I was chosen to be a featured artist on Artsy Shark, an online artist website which finds and promotes artists all over the country! Just thought I would share that!!!

Getting Ready for Summer! 

May 20, 2015
I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by, almost summer and I'm gearing up for a trip to the Mainland in a few weeks. This is the heart of plein air season, both my pastels and oils are getting a good workout! I've been teaching a lot of new students,some returnees, and some who want lessons in both mediums, oil and pastel!! It keeps me busy. I've taken the year off from competition to work on my oil paintings, as they take longer to complete, and I need to relax and let my creativity rejuvenate!!
I'll be back on Kauai July 15 for lessons and studio visits if you are coming to my island this summer!
Take care and get out there in the fresh air!!

He is Risen!!! 

April 03, 2015
Easter weekend, and all is right with the world! I wanted to post my latest oil painting of the Mahaulepu Coast for your viewing pleasure, as it is a happy, sunny painting, full of promise, walking on a glorious sandy beach in the sunshine.
I have been pushing myself on doing large scale oils and have two more on their way to completion. I will be teaching a Life Drawing class locally on Kauai for a six week session, starting April 13, and am busy teaching plein air pastel lessons when the weather permits!! I've had the pleasure of meeting some of my mainland collectors in person this winter season and hope to entertain more in the coming months. I will be traveling mid June to mid July, but will also be painting while I'm away. I just can't help myself, there is always something interesting to capture!! May the Lord bless and keep you all healthy and happy!!

Moving and Shaking! 

January 22, 2015
Just when it seems like things might calm down a little, I take on more projects and get busy again!! I like it like that though,it keeps me from getting stuck in a rut, or too relaxed about art making!!! Emily Miller and I are currently working on a book project that she will use as a college project and also as a collaborative effort for a Kauai publication! I am also in a new book called "Aloha Expressionism" due out next year,featuring a number of talented Hawaii based artisans. Meanwhile, I am busier then ever teaching my one on one plein air lessons in both oil and pastel, and doing occasional Rotary charity events!
I look forward to more challenging commissions, traveling and painting, and being amazed at the beauty around me!

Looking to the New Year!! 

November 18, 2014
I'm already thinking about what I will tackle in 2015! This has been quite a year for me, in sales and commissions and lessons! I thank GOD for all these blessings and all the wonderful new friends I've made! I am on the lookout for a new project for the winter months of heavy rains, so please feel free to contact me with your requests!
May your Thanksgiving be warm and filled with friends and family, and your travels delightful!!!

Nice feather...! 

September 30, 2014
Just a brief note to say my pastel "Sugar Free" was awarded the top cash prize at this year's Juried Art Kauai Show!!The show was also reviewed in The Star Advertiser on Sunday , September 28th, with a photo of my painting, a nice birthday present for me! Meanwhile, work on the big oil is progressing nicely, returning students are scheduling lessons, and my proverbial plate is full!!!

Empty Nester Gets Big Egg 

September 11, 2014
I find myself busier then ever these days, with the absence of my sons, I was sure to be sad and bored, instead I find myself with a grand project underway! It has been awhile since I have worked on a canvas this big, but my client, bless her heart, had a size in mind to fit her living space, and I couldn't say no to a lovely beach in oil!! I will post the final outcome!! I also have lots of charity based functions this fall with the Women Artists of Kauai and returning plein air students. I declined to enter PAH this year, as my work has grown larger then will fit in a mailing box for competition, so you can see my competition pastel locally this year in Art Kauai.
I am really liking big oil canvas's, so anyone who wants a spectacular Kauai scene in their home, drop me a line!!!
Sincerely, with Aloha,

The Heat is On! 

July 12, 2014
With so many changes happening around me, people coming and going in and out of my life, it is clear that my painting must go through a period of growth that reflects these developments. My best friend and painting partner is off to school, leaving me with our joint book project to complete, and also the impetus to try some new pastel directions! I had a dream with colors, and usually I don't take heed of that sort of subconscious streaming, but it stayed with me. I am currently awaiting a new shipment of paper to begin my experiments!!! Don't worry, I am an impressionist by nature, so whatever I paint, it will be rooted in natures' beauty.
Meanwhile, I am also waiting to see if I made it into the annual Pastels USA show!! I'll keep you posted! I just finished a new book, which will be in my Blurb bookstore, and I am seriously considering working with printing my images on clothing! I have a new online family too, Tiffanys' Art Agency is representing my pastels in her online web gallery, and she is also producing a book on Hawaii's creative life, which I will be a part of. So you see, I've been busy, artists can no longer stay inside and paint, we have to keep exploring the possibilities!!

Expanding Horizons 

April 27, 2014
With all the crazy happenings this year, I thought I would expand my horizons a bit, and begin offering "Plein Air Retreats" here on Kauai! This would be for the solo traveler or possibly two, who would like to go out painting in a new location with a guide, with all the comforts of being at a friends' house! Please inquire for more information!!

More options!!! 

March 17, 2014
Soon, I will be adding more ways to own original art to my website!I've been getting involved in giclee making companies that are becoming more reasonable for print on demand buyers! I will be offering my images on wraparound canvas giclees as well as paper giclees! Write me if you are interested, as I haven't changed my shop page yet!!
I am also offering oil plein air classes, similar to my pastel classes, one on one! The latest addition to my teaching page will be group classes at my home for beginners in pastel, working from life and photos, and also an "intro to plein air" in my spacious yard! (dog cookies are a prerequesit!)
Think Spring!

Spring into Action!! 

February 23, 2014
Whether you are watching the snowflakes fall or the rain, winter is hanging on this year and we're tired of it!!! I have been itching to get back to plein air painting for myself, in between lessons with students.I am writing this now because I am at an impasse....what to paint next, what project to start,paperwork? housework?(sigh, the constant),blogging? My recommendation to you is is spring into action, do something!! Don't just sit there,get going!!!That's what makes this world go round ya know, action, and of course love, kindness, forgiveness, peace!!
Spring will come if you start first!!!
(yes, I'm going up to the studio right NOW!)

Go Big! 

January 04, 2014
With the new year comes changes and decisions,one of those being, what shall I paint now? I've decided to start approaching my art with a new attitude, a fearless, why not approach! Currently I am working on a large oil of Kauai's beloved Waimea Canyon, a virtual kaleidescope of colors and shadows, one of my favorite places and my plein air nightmares!!!So I thought I would take my time, and embrace the neverending canyons and ridges with love!!! Of course right now I am taking a break from the canvas doing this, as I am having a color overload and need to rest my eyes from the palette!Hopefully, I will have it done in time for our P.O.W. Show at Kukui Grove on Jan. 20, and someone will fall in love with it and take it home!!! Hope to see you at the reception, on that Monday, from 5-7pm, with Jeff and I(Easyliving Jazz) playing some jazz to celebrate with my good friends, the Inches and Emily Miller!
Enjoy your new resolutions, push your limits, and go big!!!

The Joy of Gifting!! 

December 04, 2013
Merry Christmas to all you lovely cyber friends!!! This is the season of appreciation, love, giving and hope!I am pleased to be among those sharing their gifts through charity events and spreading aloha, one beautiful work at a time!Thank you for taking the time to contact me, buying my originals and prints and taking my lessons!I wish you all love, peace and prosperity for the coming year!!

Falling into Winter 

November 03, 2013
It seems to me, days are getting shorter, and my time to paint also! Of course the seasons change here in Hawaii but they really sneak up on you! I have had so many changes happen, but somehow I am still able to keep it together as long as I am painting!!I have been plein air oil painting alot lately and almost ready to teach my method, which is quicker and easier,I have been teaching pastel classes when not feeling like mixing, and keeping some time for studio work also.I will be on island afterall for the Holidays, so I will be participating in WAK events and selling my art to Christmas shoppers! If you see something you like, write me!!

New Day for You 

October 06, 2013
With this Fall comes many changes, boys off to College, lots of new ventures, and more time to fine tune my craft!I just realized I hadn't put any oil paintings on my site in awhile and the ones shown will be replaced shortly with some new ones! I have lots of pastels out there right now in juried show, and hope to do some big pieces once I am settled into my new life!
This December I will be on the mainland from the 15-Jan 2, so if you would like a commissioned pastel/oil or prints and cards, please order early!!

Always Summer 

August 11, 2013
So much going on this year, but still I find the time to paint, maybe it's my obsession, or maybe it's my release! The endless beauty that is my island home keeps me centered and brings me again to the easel to capture a quiet moment for those who surround themselves with beauty and reflection.
I've been teaching, getting my work into new venues, and possibly finding new ways to keep art in my life and move forward!There are shows coming up, and all sorts of changes just around the corner! I have been sadly remiss in not getting my newsletter out, coming soon!!
Mostly I wanted to say, enjoy our beautiful islands, all of them, mainland and across the oceans, get out and explore! I love summer, and I hope you do too!

Is it hot in here or what?? 

June 03, 2013
That's right, bring on the summer heat!! I've got all the windows open and my oils are in full production mode!!!Time for plein air mania in both mediums too! I have been meaning to get an online auction started for selling some of my works so stay tuned, also having a rack card made for my lessons, which are a blast! Come and experience pure outdoor creativity, in a one-on-one setting!
If you see something on my site you love, inquire!!! My aim is to put my art and those who love the tranquil beauty of Kauai together!

A Hint of Spring 

February 09, 2013
Kauai has been enjoying some beautiful weather while the rest of the USA is freezing and stormy.I have been taking advantage of it to plein air pastel and teach a few lessons in the field! My latest love has been clouds, as you can guess, those fluffy, foreboding shadow makers that make the islands so lush and green!
I am hoping to place these pastels in a few shows this year!!Well, it's a gorgeous day, I'm off to embrace it!!!

2013 time to get Busy! 

January 04, 2013
Now is the time to start afresh with new works, try some new techniques and challenge the old ways of thinking!I have a stockpile of stretched canvas and some large pastel papers awaiting my internal muse, she has had the flu so she's a little slow getting started...
I have a new device to assist me in my commission work that will help with the detail work, which sometimes can be frustrating, so I'm ready to go!
I look forward to another plein air season teaching and painting, sharing the love of outdoor creativity with visitors to Kauai.Please contact me if you come to my sunny island and we can go out painting, or maybe a studio visit! I'm anticipating an active year!!

$10.00 OFF coupon!!! 

November 30, 2012
Blurb books, whom I use to make my little gems, is having a promotion for Christmas, type "GIVE10" in promotional code at checkout, and get 10.00 off any of my books, listed in authors bookstore!!

Remain Calm:Holidays!!! 

November 25, 2012
I can't believe how fast this year is going!I am reeling with the thought of my usual Christmas traditions, shopping, shows, not to mention family and friends!
I have pastels in several shows and plan on doing at least one more WAK event at the NTBG Gardens(will post soon!) and then I've neglected getting out my newsletter!! (this week, I promise!)I've been painting oils, which take longer, so I haven't posted any studio pieces, but the plein air season has been glorious! Lots of lessons, and discovering new spots to paint!Check out the newest plein aires!!
It's not too late for some shopping on my shop page, prints and cards make wonderful, original gifts, and then there are art books available through my link to Blurb! Have a stress free Christmas!!!

Home Again 

October 15, 2012
A wonderful trip, but now I'm back and ready to work! I have some reference materials from the west coast, and a score of plein air pastels to work with, so stay tuned for some mainland vistas!Please feel free to contact me with your own reference materials, as I love a beautiful landscape, no matter what the continent!!
I'll be sending out my fall newsletter soon so any interested art lovers please contact me to be included. Enjoy the crisp weather!

Getting Out and About! 

August 02, 2012
With the summer months comes the plein air season, jury shows and new friends and galleries!I will have the pleasure of showing my paintings in a adorable Gallery called AlleyCat Art in Kapaa for a solo show for September and October! I will post more info in Events soon! September also brings an adventure on the west coast! I'll be exploring the Pacific coast with my good painting buddy, and then up to Tahoe and points beyond!I am hoping to locate a venue for my mainland landscapes that can keep me in airfare and art supplies!! Meanwhile I've been taking pastel students out around the island, it's always an adventure. We have alot of fun getting messy and seeing light! Write me if you come to Kauai, my studio is open to pastel(oil) lovers, or if you're interested in trying out a medium while on vacation! Enjoy the sun!

Almost July? 

June 28, 2012
Time flies when you're doing something you love, and in my case, it has been a crazy, fast year!I've always believed the more you paint the better you get, and I hope that's true, as I've been at the easel for months it seems! This summer will be spent attending some art functions, the Art Wine event at the Kauai Beach Resort, friday nights in our quaint Hanapepe playing jazz with Easy Living Jazz...and painting under the sun!! I'll be teaching a few lessons also! Enjoy the season!!

Ahhh Summer! 

June 07, 2012
Well, as promised, the new categories are up, and I'm geared up for summer! Having recently completed the Tahoe series,I am now enjoying my pastels, working on competition pieces for the fall.I have been painting in oil with my new thumb box under shade umbrellas around the island,getting fun sized sketches of summer landscapes.If you are on island, please contact me for a studio visit, it's a riot of color and mediums up here!
Get outside and enjoy the weather!!

Coming Soon!!! 

May 18, 2012
I'll be adding an oil category to my website, and also a short film!! My penchant for oils is getting ridiculous, as I have purchased a thumb box to do oil sketches in the field! Ask any artist about their art obsessions and you'll find out how hard it is to resist a jewelry-sized box for painting little gems! I have been neglecting my studio work in pastel, but doing more plein air pastels then ever to keep me balanced! I'll be at the Botanical Gardens again this sunday for an open garden event.The Tahoe series is finished and my show catalogs are being printed so anyone interested in these paintings please contact me!! I'll be shipping them off to California(location TBA) the end of August and will ship separately, any sold pieces directly to the buyers in advance of the show, so contact me for more information. For now, I'm searching for challenging pastel work and looking forward to a great summer!!
Aloha, Helen

Back in the Sticks! 

May 01, 2012
I am almost done with my Tahoe Series,except for the signing and various odds and ends that will go into the final stages of this endeavor. I am weary of oil painting and ready to get dusty again! Bring on the sticks!!I've been collecting ref. material and now will have to decide which way to go,I've got some lovely reflecting pools, wild water,sun soaked beaches, red dirt battered plantation houses..hmmm decisions..
I do have a new gallery to promote in Hanapepe called Puuwai HaoKila run by Veronica, a very spirited Lady who makes and designs mouthwatering jewelry too!I will be uploading a very short documentary done by my son Joe for a college class, featuring moi..(I'm thinner in person, really!!)
And that's the news!! more exhibitions are coming up, I'll post anything newsworthy!!

Spring is Here! 

March 18, 2012
After our heavy rains, spring is finally here! I've been doing lots of plein air pastel painting, and enjoying our Kauaian sunshine!The Tahoe series is almost completed, the bad weather helped actually, because I was trapped inside,with the thunder and lightening booming, and me at my easel!!
There are all kinds of membership shows going on, our island KSA show, and a few others around the state, waiting to hear on the west coast show. Meanwhile, getting material together for next fall's competitions! Still teaching, so anyone who'd like to have a plein air session please contact me, and we'll brave the sunshine and make some art!!

Be True to Yourself! 

January 08, 2012
Happy New Year to all my patrons and friends! This will be a good year for tackling new challenges, and pushing the limits of my capabilities! I have taken on a project that will definitely test my strengths but I am really looking forward to working on it! Getting back to oil painting, as well as pastel explorations,are my directions for 2012, with a series of large oils and pastels of Lake Tahoe for next summer. I have been doing lots of field work in oil and some studio work and now it's time to find my subjects for next years' pastel competitions.
With all you do in this world, be true to what you do. Explore your vision, this is your gift to give, yourself, through what you do!I'm hoping we all have the best year ever, bringing our best to the light!

Pleased to announce! 

November 13, 2011
I just wanted to announce I won First Place for my pastel "Falling Grace" at this year's juried Pastel Artists of Hawaii exhibition on Oahu at Pauahi Tower in Honolulu!When I painted this one I had a feeling it was a special piece, you get that sometimes...
In other news, there are two upcoming public art sales for those of you on Kauai or coming to visit. The 3rd annual Women Artists of Kauai charity fundraiser in Hanapepe on Nov. 26, will be the usual WAK-y women selling their one-of-a-kind original artworks at the Hanapepe Church of Christ on Kuhio Hwy to raise funds for worthy causes! December 1st finds me at the Kauai Beach Resort at an Art and wine tasting Event from 4-7. I'll be bringing out my studio oils for these events so come and check them out, they're pretty little pieces all set to deck your walls!!!Hope to see you there!


New Perspectives 

September 29, 2011
What a great travel year I've had, well, for me!I just recently returned from an amazing tour of the west coast, just a bit of it actually.Sometimes we artists need to get out there and be amazed by the natural beauty of a new landscape, a different palette of colors, a new perspective!Of course I always travel with my trusty camera and usually my pastels and field gear, much to my traveling partners' dismay, I love to stop and paint!!!
Since this is also the season of juried shows, and the approach of the Christmas season, I have not been doing many studio pastels,but a few commissions,lots of plein air sketches and oils have kept me busy!I try to paint everyday, one medium or another!Contact me for quotes on commission paintings for gifts,if you'd like a studio tour while on Kauai or maybe a pastel lesson in the field or studio!!I'm back and recharged with artistic energy!!

Being There 

July 02, 2011
I am back from the east coast and am just now putting up a few plein air pastels! I have more, but now that I'm home, my hawaiian landscapes are calling me back! I will be posting all sorts of random scenes in the near future , as I can't be inside when the weather is this nice!!New York was wonderful, and Maine was gorgeous, though overcast and rainy at times. I have a collection of 8x10 plein air oils also, and am wondering if I should post those too? This September I am off to Tahoe for a quick trip so more pines and lakes!!
Meanwhile, in the studio..two shows are coming up, a local Kauai, juried show and a west coast exhibition in Folsum.I will post any new happenings, as they come! If any of you write me and I don't respond, please check your end of the correspondence because I ALWAYS respond! I have been thwarted by one request and I don't want to seem indifferent!!I am always pleased to communicate with anyone who takes the time to write me, from fellow artists to elementary schoolers, not to mention my prospective buyers.
Have a terrific summer!
Aloha, Helen

Off the Rock!! 

May 26, 2011
Summer is almost here, and I've never been so ready to do a little traveling!Here on Kauai, we have a saying,"you need to get off the rock," and that is exactly what I'm going to do, cross the Pacific and spend some time on the east coast!Of course I'm taking my painting kits, both oil and pastels, so in the upcoming months I may be posting some un-Hawaiian landscapes.Please "friend" me on Facebook,my place for weekly plein air paintings and a little backstory about my outside adventures!I will be checking my mail while away, so don't hesitate to write!
Aloha, Helen

On the road again! 

March 20, 2011
This is the season for membership shows, when all the Societies display the work of their members from the past year. I have two going at the same time, our local Kauai artist group and the Oahu, pastel only group!I have also been spending time working on my plein air oil set-up, and after finally finding the perfect, lightweight, portable box,the wind flipped it and put a big crack in it!! Hopefully my Honey can repair it and I can get back out there soon!Not like I don't have an artillery of easels, you need a few for the serious pursuit of "painting from life"!!The multiple easels also allows me to teach more then one pastel student in the field, and I welcome couples to try plein air together on vacation here on Kauai.
If you're coming to my Island and want to paint, e-mail me and we'll go!!

February, the month for love! 

February 01, 2011
While the rest of the country is digging out of snowdrifts, Hawai'i is being blessed with gorgeous weather! I am doing my best to take advantage of these cerulean blue days to take my painting kit on location.It seems my two mediums are challenging me to bring home these perfect days on paper or canvas! I post my daily adventures on Facebook, so if you look me up, you will see them. The special favorites have been selling fast and the rest I post here on my website.My plein aire classes are booking up for the winter, a one-on-one lesson in the art of painting from nature. Meanwhile, I've been doing large studio pastels, after a year of small works. It feels good to stretch out and really make a mess!!
If you're coming to the islands, please contact me for a studio visit, or a pastel lesson!
Don't forget Valentine's Day, spread some smiles and kisses!
Aloha, Helen

New Year, New Views 

January 15, 2011
I feel the year of the landscape coming on strong!People have been asking for more water, reflections,peaceful scenes of tranquility and I'm listening!There are so many beautiful things to paint here on Kauai so I'm going to be listening to what my inner spirit tells me to put on paper.This is also going to be a year for taking students out into the field to experience painting from life, and taking myself to new places.I'm planning a trip back east in the late spring and am looking for new opportunities to keep me inspired!!

Holiday Fun! 

December 14, 2010
I am entering the festive part of Christmas now, baking, and writing cards and wrapping things.It's also time for Winter Art Festivals, Christmas concerts and in between everything, pastel classes!!I've just added a teaching page for travelers to Kauai,who would like to try plein air painting with me.
The printers of my book(see below) are offering a ten dollar discount with the promotional code: CHEER, so check it out! This would be the time to order a perfect "remembrance of Hawaii" present, or maybe a hint for someone who's thinking about visiting!!!
Above all the glitter, enjoy your friends and family and let's pray for peace on earth and good will towards men.... and women!!!!

The Gift of Art 

December 02, 2010
Despite the economic news, Christmas will come anyway, just like the Grinch said!You can choose to celebrate it any way you like, with all the hoopla and tinsel or quietly and warmly.I've been enjoying getting my art out to those who will give it secretly or to those who look forward to receiving it each year!There are lots of ways I do this, through my paintings: I now offer affordable plein air pastels that sell for 195.00,through my laser prints: an 8x10 color laser print, matted of any pastel on my site, and notecard sets: five different sets of eight images each, they can be framed too!!So that's how I help celebrate Christmas!Of course the best gift of all was given already, and that's the true meaning of the Season for me!! God bless you all!
Sincerely, Helen

Thanks and Giving! 

November 20, 2010
I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is a few days away! Where did the year go?? Maybe I've had my head in the pastel dust and didn't notice. It's time to thank God and all my patrons and friends who have been collecting my works and encouraging me to keep painting and creating!
It's also time to give back to the community through Women Artists of Kauai fundraisers at the Church of Christ and coming up at the Botanical Gardens in Lawai.I'll be sending out another newsletter in December so anyone who would like to be on my list please contact me through my enquiry mail.
I also received third place for "The Cartoonist" in the PAH 7th annual juried show!!!

Plein Aire Pastels-NEW Category!!! 

October 25, 2010
I thought it was time to show off my field paintings on my website and since my classes have given me so much more time out and about, they have gotten better and better(well I think so!)These are my most affordable works and being only 11x14 framed they are easily transported and shipped.Recently I've begun e-mailing a newsletter to friends and collectors about latest news and shows and also to offer specials on various works. If any of you would like to be on my mailing list please contact me through this sites inquiry and I'll add you on!! That way you can receive special pricing and added attentions!!

It's Showtime!! 

October 17, 2010
Here we are hurrying through another year and it's already show season!!My work ethic leads me to paint nearly everyday, so getting geared up is not a problem for me,it's the waiting for results!!I just found out I have three pieces in the Pastel Artists of Hawaii's 7th exhibition, so now the reframing and packing off to entry day and then, if the judge, Lorenzo Chavez likes my work enough to award me, I'll be ecstatic!!Also to keep me busy, five artists from Kauai will be having a show at Kukui Grove. I've decided to enter some of my more eclectic pieces in this as it is not juried, and some exhibition work that has not been seen locally. I'll also have a collection of my plein air pastels framed and ready to take home, as these are priced to be a steal!!Wish me luck for the Oahu show, and come and see me at the Mall Nov.1st and the 8th!
Sincerely, Helen

Pastel Painter Wants to Spread Joy! 

September 04, 2010
I've decided what my main mission will be in life and that is to spread joy and beauty as long as I'm able to create art!! Painting is a gift and a compulsion for me, I produce a lot of art during a typical year, not including commissions, so I was thinking of trying a new approach. If you love it, if it moves you, talk to me and we'll put it on your wall! I am not going to get rich or make headlines, but I want to continue to paint and make people happy.There are some pieces I put aside for shows and galleries but mostly I paint because I need to, it brings me joy.
I've got all kinds of juried shows coming up and hope for the best, I'll keep you posted!!!

Fight the good fight of Art! 

August 12, 2010
Summer for me has always been about getting as much beach time as possible! Well this year I've taken a different approach and am trying to get as much painting in as I can manage. My plein aire classes have been tremendous fun and so have my private lessons,it's just a rewarding thing to do, and I always learn as well as teach. Things may be a little unsettled all the way around the world, but as artists, I believe we have to keep painting, sculpting, dancing, playing music, whatever it is that powers us, because that is what life is built upon, our human drives and needs. So enjoy the beach while it's hot and sunny, but bring your sketchbook, camera, beach guitar too!!!
Sincerely, Helen

Unexpected Joys! 

June 06, 2010
I finally gave in to a request to do a plein aire teaching session with a friend of mine through a local Arts organization here on Kauai, and much to my surprise, I'm loving it! It is summer and those traveling to our lovely Pacific Isle don't want to sit and bask anymore, they want to learn!Painting in the great outdoors is a special sort of mania that has taken over a lot of pastel painters. Easier then an oil set-up, pastelists can be ready in moments and also can move their easels to a new view without worrying about wet paint and solvents! I love oils, but haven't achieved plein aire mobility yet!Lately I've been getting e-mails from individuals wanting to go out or do studio lessons, and I am delighted. Write me and we will set up the times and dates, either I can provide all your materials or can recommend some to buy. This is the time to enjoy the summer and to be painting is the best way of all!!

New Beginnings 

April 28, 2010
Here comes spring and with it family events, like graduations and reunions, new ventures and expanding horizons! As the weather turns from warm to hot,I tend to paint outside more often and try and catch the tradewinds, especially when painting in oils. I have a nice collection of these miniature landscapes and am finding homes for them at Puka Gallery in Hanapepe and my Etsy shop on-line.If you're on Kauai, you can come visit my studio and see them in person! Somehow oils don't translate as well through a camera as pastels do, but you can touch oils!! I am delighted to be a part of the Pastels USA show this year in Los Gatos. This is a very tough competition and I am proud to be seen with some of the best pastelists in the nation! Have a great spring and embrace your new directions!
Sincerely, Helen

Lots of Things... 

April 12, 2010
It has been a crazy winter and now that spring is upon us, and my computer is back up and running, I can begin to get organized!! There will be two membership shows to be part of, numerous plein air get togethers and graduations, birthdays and painting when ever I can fit it in!! I have a nice collection of oil paintings, my baby oils, and now I'm thinking of going bigger and maybe even take the oils on the road!My latest pastel has exhausted me, I need to do a landscape, and on a lovely outting with my two intrepid painting friends,I found a lovely view I may attempt next, there I've put it in writing!Enjoy the weather,keep in touch and paint on!!
Sincerely, Helen

Back in the Oils! 

February 13, 2010
I really love to paint in pastels, but every once in awhile you have to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Recently, while cruising the arts and crafts department of a local store, I came across a huge canvas sale! I couldn't help myself and loaded up on,what I call, manageable sizes.When I lived in New york, MANY moons ago, oils were my medium of choice and I did still lifes and landscapes to my hearts content.I still have my ancient oil box and brushes and the rest just sort of came back to me! It is fun to mix colors and using brushes again.I haven't stopped using pastels, on the contrary, I've started an ambitious series of chinatown scenes, and back to the countryside with my fearless plein air companions! I will be selling my" baby oils" on Kauai and possibly on my etsy shop, check if I've posted them! Meanwhile, Happy Valentine's Day!
Sincerely, Helen

Off to a Good Start! 

February 03, 2010
Well I do have some news this month!I now have my pastel paintings on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island in the Clarissa Passos Gallery.A home for my "market people" and still-lifes! If you visit the island of Hawaii, don't miss the prettiest side of the island and stop by and say hello!
Years ago in New York I was an avid oil painter and this past week I dove into the oil box again! It had so much fun mixing paint, I did a few 5x7 seascapes and will be adding more to my collection. I also opened a shop on Etsy which may host those "baby oils".Right now I'mshipping off purchases and looking forward to spring!
Sincerely, Helen

Small World 

January 19, 2010
Funny how people meet from halfway around the world and find out they share something in common! That's how I met the owner of Aloha Images in Kapa'a. This is a new location for me, after Davisonarts closed, I needed a new eastside gallery and by a chance comment on an internet newspaper story, I found my new home!Visit Ray on mainstreet Kapa'a and check out the eye candy!
Sincerely, Helen

Happy New Year! 

December 30, 2009
Rejoice in the New Year, be merry, be positive, be the best you can be! That's my resolution and I hope you will find that it works for you too! I've had a wonderful year of sales, shows, new friends and experiences and I thank all my patrons and patroness's! Even though I'm without an upcoming event at the moment, I will be on the lookout for an opportunity to spread the gift of color!

Special discount!! 

December 09, 2009
The company I made my book "Pastels of Kauai", as seen in the badge below, has offered a discount on this hardcover book. To order and receive your ten dollars off, just click on the book and put GREATGIFT in the coupon code!

New Card Sets! 

November 27, 2009
My newest notecard sets available through my website are "People" and "Trees". I don't have a thumbnail image of them posted but I can share with you what I've got in them! "People" are eight of my favorite people in the landscape paintings from Dragon Parade to Love and Fishing.For reference, check out my people category in artwork. Trees is self explanatory and has eight of my favorite tree paintings, it was a year of contemplative trees for me!
I've also got lasers of all my images and some adorable miniature paintings that must be seen!
I'll be at the Hanapepe Church of Christ on Saturday November 28 for a fundraiser for Nana's House with all my paintings, prints and cards. I will also be doing a pastel demonstration at this event and also will be at the National Tropical Botanical Gardens in Lawai on December 19 with the Women Artists of Kauai. Hope to see you there!
Sincerely, Helen

Keeping it Real 

November 17, 2009
With the Holidaus approaching fast, it's time to put things in perspective as an artist, and that's what our little group of Women artists on Kauai are trying to do. WAK is hosting two fundraisers to support some worthy causes here on our own little piece of terra firma called Kauai. The first is in Hanapepe on Nov. 28, where we will be donating part of the proceeds of our fine art sales to a rehabilatation Center in Waimea, and the second is Dec. 19, a fundraiser to support our botanical gardens research center. When we wonder why we paint, and can't seem to find a reason other then because we love it, then it's time to turn it into something good, spread the love, and continue to grow in art,friendship and community awareness!

in other news! "Pier Pleasure 2" won the Juror's Merit Award in the PAH 2009 Show.

Keeping it Real 

November 17, 2009
With the Holidays approaching fast, it's time to put things in perspective as an artist, and that's what our little group of Women artists on Kauai are trying to do. WAK is hosting two fundraisers to support some worthy causes here on our own little piece of terra firma called Kauai. The first is in Hanapepe on Nov. 28, where we will be donating part of the proceeds of our fine art sales to a rehabilatation Center in Waimea, and the second is Dec. 19, a fundraiser to support our botanical gardens research center. When we wonder why we paint, and can't seem to find a reason other then because we love it, then it's time to turn it into something good, spread the love, and continue to grow in art,friendship and community awareness!
In other news, "Pier Pleasure 2" won the Juror's Merit Award in the PAH 2009 Show!

Finding New Ways 

October 15, 2009
How did fall arrive without me noticing it? Well, it helps when you live in Hawaii!With all the bad economic news everywhere and the uncertainty of our world, all we can do is continue to do what we have been doing and hope for the best, with the addition of new ways to attract people to our creations. I've been working on a series of "miniature" paintings of Kauai that are affordable,portable and irresistable! The Women Artists of Kauai will be having several fund raising sales around the island and I'll be there doing some demonstrations and selling my minis,notecards and other pastel paintings. The Pastel Artists of Hawaii's 6th Annual Show is under way also! Wish me luck!!!
Sincerely Helen

Technical Difficulties!! 

September 17, 2009
This is an apology blog! We just realized that our inquiry or contact mail has not been coming through! To anyone who has attempted to contact me about anything, please accept my humble apologies and forgive me. I hope you will try again since I am almost always available via e-mail.
Sincerely, Helen

Celebrate My Passion 

September 14, 2009
As the days countdown to my reception at the Kauai Museum, I am getting all my loose ends tied up,preparing for my two and a half hours of fame! This is a show of some of my favorite landscapes I've painted and I can't wait to see people's reaction to them. Yes,I like a good "OOOH" or "Ahhhh" as much as the next artist, and after all, a show is for sharing your hardwork and passion.I've restricted my show to 30 pastels, that was a challenge for the Mezzanine Gallery, but they're all little gems and I think they hang quite nicely together.This reception will be a fun, friend-filled event and I hope to make a few new friends too.To anyone who can take a flight to Kauai for my exhibit, the show runs from Sept.24-November 20. For those who'd rather not fly, my book "Pastels of Kauai" has all the show paintings in it plus some others!!
Aloha, Helen

I've Got a Book for You 

August 19, 2009
Well that's another thing I can cross off my list! I've got my own art book!This was an immensely fun project that I intended to accompany my solo show at the Kauai Museum in September. Alas most of my family is spread over the continental U.S. and won't be able to share a wild night(artist's receptions are fun!)of flowers and food and art lovers, so...I put together a little tour of Kauai via my paintings!I will have the link available to my print on demand publisher if you'd like to preview it, or send to someone who really needs a hawaiian vacation but can't go right now!! Enjoy!
Sincerely, Helen

Island Hopping! 

July 08, 2009
Well, just a short hop, to Oahu, for the invitational show,"The Rhythms of Nature" a plein aire show at the Pauahi Tower in Honolulu.
I think the hardest part about this show was deciding which pieces to enter!I've selected five sketches of my garden isle to represent Kauai, from Waimea to Anini, done in the field.These paintings are each a "one of a kind" in that the weather and light will never be the same from one day to the next.I hope to have some time to paint on Oahu's north shore and of course some free time absorbing a different island and it's beauty, maybe get back to China Town!
Sincerely, Helen

New Friends! 

June 21, 2009
I have a new gallery in Hanapepe representing my pastels on Kauai, the Puka Gallery. Located at the very beginning of historic Hanapepe, it's a delightful, spot to find a treasure. Drop by to say hello to Anna,owner of the Puka Gallery and Boutique, and tell her Helen sent you!
Our Women Artists of
Kauai first event at the Botanical Gardens in Poipu was a great success, we all made a few new friends and a lot of tried and true friends came by also.
Right now I'm getting ready for the Pauahi Tower plein aire show and hope I still have some left by July 11. Oh well, I'll just have to go out and paint some more!!
Sincerely, Helen

Who's Afraid of a Julian? 

May 27, 2009
Okay I admit it's a lot easier to paint "en plein air" at the beach because I don't have to set up my french easel! Now that we're experiencing bright spring days, I've been out and about, trying to squeeze in as many quick sketches as I can before school gets out. The more I do it, the more selective I get with my locations and I'm actually lugging out the Julian easel again. It is a wooden monster, with rusted hardware my husband bought me for Mother's Day years ago, and since then I've neglected it for watercolor easels and folding tables, and blankets on the ground!Of course there are places where you need an elevation, and also somewhere to rest your pastels, and carrying a stool and table plus supplies can be exhausting before the sun even starts to cook your brain! Now that sounds extreme, but any dedicated field painter knows about the physicality of outdoor interpretation!! So if you see me out there painting with my wooden julian, stop by and say hello, I might ask you if you have a pair of pliers!
Aloha, Helen

The New Look ! 

April 05, 2009
Spring is here, I think....and it's time to shake things up! The newly redesigned website is finally up and running!There comes a time when you have to put your best foot forward and march even though the road may be a little rocky, and with my friend Em's expertise, we have come up with something that is practical and lovely.The "shop" page will have my notecard sets, laser and giclee reproductions listed and I may have a few more surprises to add. As far as Easy Living Jazz duet, we have moved to our own web site www.easylivingjazz.com , which is almost ready.The spring juried shows are almost upon us so I will be writing again soon with more news, until then, enjoy the new season!
aloha, Helen

Field Work 

February 27, 2009
What a winter!The weather has been challenging for painting in the field to say the least, but it hasn't stopped me! My friend Em and I perched on the edge of Waimea Canyon for some rainbow quick sketches, and I flew to Oahu to paint on the eastside in between rain squalls and still came home with a few plein air beauties.The trend is set and now I have to show what I've been doing out there!At the end of March, Kauai's Women in Theatre will be doing a play about an artist and they asked me to exhibit my plein air paintings in the lobby of Kauai Community College for the duration of the production.If you're on island the last two weekends of March, come by and see the play and visit me! I'll be there selling paintings, notecards and reproductions.There is also an exhibit in the works for Oahu, of plein air artists from around the state at Pauahi Tower in Honolulu.
Meanwhile, when I can't get away I'm working in my studio getting ready for my solo show in September and the society shows, so much to do!!
Spring is coming!
Sincerely, Helen

Merry and Bright! 

December 20, 2008
Aloha all, wishing you a very Merry Christmas(or Mele Kalikimaka)from Kauai! We've been having a little weather, like the whole world it seems, lots of rain and more to come! For some reason that's when I feel like painting hot and sunny beaches! The Kauai Society of Arts Small Works Show is up in Kukui Grove and one of my pastels, "Hanalei Surfer" aka "Thinking Place" won an Honorable Mention.I've been mailing out notecard sets and giclee prints to customers for Christmas presents and my "en plein air" studies have been a popular gift item also.Easy Living Jazz has been putting visitors and locals in the holiday spirit at the Hukilau Lanai on Tuesday nights and will groove into the New Year on the 31st from 6:30 to 9:30. Let's keep positive and hopeful for 2009 and remember art is what keeps us civilized!!!

Moving Ahead 

November 15, 2008
This is really going to be an amazing year for everyone in one way or another! Changes and more changes!I've been having great fun painting people in the landscape, painting "en plein air" and just plain making art! The Pastel Artists of Hawaii awarded me two Honorable Mentions, I was part of a beautiful juried West Coast Pastelists Show and our own island's Art Kauai.The Small Works Show with the Kauai society of the Arts is coming up on Dec. 13, and I plan on entering my "little people". I also have a new venue for six months at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Kapaa,Kauai, where I'll have a selection of florals and a few landscapes for sale. I have also been selling well in my local galleries and decided to update this website!I'm moving forward to be able to accept on-line payment, and put Easy Living Jazz on a separate URL.For the holidays, there is ELJ's Christmas selections and a new "Lotsa Latin" CD. In the meantime, keep moving forward, do what you love, and trust in God to open the right door!

Sincerely, Helen

Time for Art 

September 19, 2008
This fall brings the juried show season, and I'm off to a good start! I have "Oama Fishing" in the West Coast Pastel Society's membership show, juried by George Rivera,and "Out of the Woods" and "Leaves on a Blur Picnic Table" in our Hawaii State show on Kauai. The Pastel Artists of Hawaii's show, juried by Greg Biolchini, hasn't been juried yet, and I'm waiting with anticipation! Meanwhile those collectors of my work have been steadfast in their support, and I'm grateful in these uncertain times. No matter what the future brings, those of us with the drive to create will continue to make art, this is what makes us strong and gives beauty and meaning to the human existance!
Sincerely, Helen

Ahh Summer... 

August 12, 2008
When you really need to unwind, go camping! That's my family's new motto! We took our show into the wild, so to speak, and had a few days of peace and togetherness. Of course I brought my camera and pastels and came home with some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets as a bonus!
I've been painting alot to get ready for the upcoming juried shows in the fall, hopefully my new works will be chosen! Take some time to enjoy the season of sun and sand, and if you come to Kauai, look me up for an outdoor painting experience!

Sincerely, Helen

New York State of Mind 

April 26, 2008
It's nice to get away from the daily routine and get back to where you once belonged, as the Beatles used to say! April was beautiful in my old hometown, blue skies and the promise of a long summer. I didn't take my pastels but brought my camera and hope to do a few landscapes to keep me remembering my family and friends from the Atlantic side of the world. Easy Living Jazz has two new CD's for sale. More classic jazz and a mixture of contemporary and mellow latin grooves. We are always adding new music to our repertoire so come hear us live at the Hukilau Lanai in Kapaa.


Looking Forward 

March 09, 2008
Kauai is warming up for a beautiful spring here on the eastside! I've been out and about with camera and easel, working through the ever changing light conditions of the lengthening days. In exhition news, I have been awarded an Honorable Mention for my pastel "Jumping Off the Pier" at the KSA membership Show which is on display in Kukui Grove until April 18.
From the studio: If you come to Kauai, don't hesitate to call me and set up an appointment for a studio tour or a private lesson!

Sincerely, Helen Turner

The Show on the Road 

February 24, 2008
It's spring on Kauai,the wet weather is leaving us for awhile and letting us come out and play! I've been painting en plein air more and more, roaming far and wide to capture life as it happens! I've really had some fun painting figures lately, I find as long as they don't see me shooting them with my camera, I can catch my fellow islanders being themselves and enjoying our beautiful waters.
In other news, it's another round of national juried shows to enter! I'm going for some big ones, wish me luck! Our local KSA membership show opens March 8, and I have four pastels in the AHA show at the Honolulu Country Club until the 16th of March. Get out and enjoy the sun!
Sincerely, Helen

A New Year for Challenges 

January 01, 2008
The end of 2007 brought one more honor at the Small Works Show, juried by Pegge Hopper on Kauai. "Chill Coconut Man" won the Potraits of Hawaii Award for the Kauai Society of Artists last show of the season! This was a real surprise and boost for my pastels of "real people" around the islands.This award gives me incentive to keep pushing myself to go beyond the comfort of scenics and into the heart of painting what intrigues me, whether it's a still life,everyday people or this beautiful world we live in!
Happy New Year!
Sincerely, Helen

Most Wonderful Time... 

December 03, 2007
It's time for celebrating everything! Being alive, friends, family,and gifts that bring joy to others are what I have to be thankful for. Yes, I'm enjoying this season of celebration by having a gathering at Roy's Restaurant in Poipu! I thought I'd throw myself a party and give some goodies away and share some great music with old and new friends.Jeff will be playing and then Easy Living Jazz will perform some of our Christmas CD selections. I'm planning on sweetening up the crowd with cookies and cocoa and door prizes of Turner stuff.December 16th is a Sunday, 2-4, please come and celebrate with me!

Sincerely, Helen

Out of Retirement! 

September 25, 2007
All kinds of good things keep happening this month! The first was being accepted into a National Pastel Show in New Mexico. All three of the pieces I entered were accepted: " Oama Fishing","Cane Fire in Hanapepe" and "Study in Rust". Now the hard part, shipping and waiting to hear any further news.
On Kauai, our annual Art Kauai had it's juried show and my entry "Retirement" won two awards, an Honorable Mention and the Aquisition Award from the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts. This means I will be part of the States permanent collection in Oahu!
I must keep painting now, it's expected of me!!
Sincerely, Helen

Hot Fun in the Summertime 

August 03, 2007
Aloha! I've got a brand new collection of pastels on exhibit at Roy's Restaurant in Poipu, Kauai!I've got a nice long show from August 5 to January 5, 2008 so if anyone is coming over to visit, please treat yourself to a wonderful meal and gaze! I've got a few figures in this one, and of course our awesome scenery inspires landscapes and seascapes also. I can't help it I must paint!
Sincerely, Helen

Best of Show AGAIN! 

June 10, 2007
The Pastel Artists of Hawaii's 4th Annual Juried Show in Honolulu has chosen my pastel "Where the River Meets the Sea" as the Best of Show! I am so proud to have achieved this award for two consecutive years, I am humbled and honored. This pastel was one I had that feeling about,a sense of peace when you finish that makes you believe you are just an instrument of art.
Thanks to all of my collectors and friends who keep me painting daily!
P.S. A special prayer for Greg Biolchini who is recovering from a car accident! We missed you here and hope you're able to come back soon!

Sincerely, Helen

I'd Better Figure it Out 

April 18, 2007
Is it spring yet? We're all tired of being sick and ready for plein air paint outs!My latest fixation is doing figures in the landscape, capturing my Kauaian neighbors doing what they do best.It's kind of challenging to stalk around with my camera, trying to be casual and snapping off photos. People view me as just another tourist and that's just fine with me! Sometimes I have to get close enough to ask if it's okay to photograph them and then I've lost the spontaneity, oh well, it's all good!These new pastels might give you a little scale to judge the scenery by. Hope you like my latest works!
Sincerely, Helen
p.s."Study in Rust" got an Honorable Mention in the Kauai Society of Artists Members show

Let's Go to the Beach! 

January 10, 2007
February 9-22 are the dates for my solo exhibit of over 37 new pastels at Amy Lauren's Gallery in Hanapepe, Kauai.This show, entitled "When you live on an island...Life's a Beach", celebrates the most beautiful shores on our little Pacific Island from Haena to Polihale. This was great fun to put together, sunset barbeques, early morning rambles and boat trips along the breathtaking Na Pali Coast all contributed to the making of these paintings.I love the sea and I find whether you own a vacation home or live and work here in Hawaii, contemplating an inviting stretch of golden sand can refresh one's spirit!
Jeff and I will play for the reception under the stars on Art Night , the 9th from 6-9! Please come and help me celebrate!

Joy in Chalkville! 

October 30, 2006
One of the most rewarding and heartbreaking of all venues for artists these days are "Juried Shows".In the past three years I have entered a few and experienced these emotions. Rejection, for a pastelist, is always taken personally, as we pour our feelings into every work we submit! This is not a sad blog however, but a joyous one! At the Pastel Artists of Hawaii's 3rd Annual Juried Show, I received the Best of Show Award!!
This is my first entry with this well run organization in Honolulu and the exhibition space is beautiful, in the mezzanine gallery of Pauahi Tower. The juror was Richard McKinley, a nationally known pastelist whose landscapes are breathtaking. I was able to speak with him and his commentary on my painting will lift my spirits for as long as I create art.The painting that received the award was "Spring Floods".
To all my collectors, patrons and friends, I say thank you for believing in my work!
Helen Turner

Shadows and Music 

October 05, 2006
The beautiful golden light of autumn is here, casting those wonderful long shadows over the fields of Kauai! My favorite time to paint landscapes is late afternoon, when it gets cool enough to sit in the sun and paint!
As juried art show season draws to a close, it's time to start preparations for a solo show in Jaunary, and I've got some little gems all ready!
Easy Living Jazz will be bringing out a new compilation CD and then before you know it, time to bust out the Christmas CD !!
Drop me a note to order prints or CD's!


Too Hot to Paint? Never! 

August 19, 2006
Kauai is baking like a piece of microwaved pizza! Of course we have the tradewinds most of the time but if they leave us we're doomed! I've been trying to get out to all corners of the island to shoot the summer blues and greens and taking them into my studio to render. The Turners have been up up and down the rivers too, all the hau trees are in full bloom of yellow hibiscus -like flowers. I'm planning to do some more reflection pastels for an upcoming show. Tis the season for juried art shows too, I'll post any news from those events.
Easy Living Jazz is on vacation, but will be back in September for some fun outdoor events and a special private affair with Chick Corea!!
Meanwhile all this time on my hands, I'm painting away!

Spring out west: I love mountains!! 

July 16, 2006
This spring, the Turner family headed out west for a tour of a few National Parks before the crowds got there.I brought my trusty camera and a plein air set of pastels and had a blast painting on site! I couldn't wait to get home to my studio and do some of those scenics in full color. I've posted some of the Tetons and a few peaceful landscapes of Idaho.
Also the LPG added Polihale to it's list of plein air sites, we came we painted, we swam, we got stuck in the sand...mahalo to Kaui and his guys for helping us out!

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